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Washing Instructions

Hand Washing Tips

For hand washing, choose a mild detergent and cold water. For wool fibres, choose a formula developed for wool or mild baby shampoo. Gently agitate the knitted item in the water but never wring or scrub the garment. Drain the sink and add fresh, cold water for rinsing. Repeat this process until all the water is clear and free of suds. Support the item from underneath as you transfer it to a dry towel.

Reshaping and Drying

Gently remove excess water and lay item flat on a dry, absorbent towel and roll up in the towel, pressing firmly as you roll. Do not wring the towel. Lay a dry bath towel on a flat surface large enough to hold your scarf. A card table is a perfect size for air-drying sweaters and typically has a protective vinyl top. Always protect wood surfaces with a vinyl tablecloth under the towel. Place the knitted item on the dry towel and reshape into its original shape. Pat it into shape; avoid tugging or pulling. Allow the item to dry for 24 hours. If not completely dry, Flip the item over onto a dry towel, arrange into shape (the shape will have set by now but you don’t want to add wrinkles or slow drying), and dry for another 24 hours.

Never hang a knitted scarf as the weight will stretch out the shoulders very quickly.

Hand washing may seem like a lot of trouble, but you can be sure that plenty of work went into creating your knitted scarf.


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