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Over the years I have had great pleasure in learning and experiencing new and different crafts and craft techniques. It also has a great impact on your personal wellbeing and reducing stress as well as being very rewarding when you have achieved something, and even more pleasure when you can give the item or have made the item specifically as a gift.

In the shopping section, you will also find a selection of craft supplies that can be purchased on their own if you just want to try crafting but don’t want to use a kit.

Why not send me a photo of your finished product…

Good luck and enjoy giving it a go.

  • Crafting kits

    Crafting kits (2)

    I hope that my website and crafts have inspired you to give something a go, I know this is the case with a large number of visitors to my craft stall. Therefore, this section will give you tips and suggestions as well as enabling you to buy kits to enable you to “give crafting a go” whatever you fancy trying.
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